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    This page provides the information you will need to get the most out of the Homecrew website.

Suggested Browsers

Browser requirements

    The Homecrew Website is built using frames and JavaScript functionality.

  • Websites constructed with frames require Netscape Navigator 2.x or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x or higher.
  • If the browser you are using does not support frames, you will not be able to properly view the Homecrew website.
  • If the browser you are using does not support JavaScript you will not be able to successfully access the navigational features of the Homecrew website.

    If you believe you've been routed to this page in error, and are already using one of the suggested browsers noted above, please check the browser's preference settings to make sure JavaScript is enabled.

Accessing Homecrew through America Online (AOL)

    The 32-bit Windows version of AOL 3.0 should function properly with the Homecrew website.  Other versions of AOL will not successfully access the Homecrew website. If your Internet access is through AOL, we recommend that you download and use one of the suggested browsers.

    Using Netscape or Interent Explorer with AOL

  • Log on to AOL and navigate to the Netscape or Microsoft website.
  • Download the new browser software, and log off of AOL.
  • Once you have installed the new browser software, log back on to AOL.
  • Launch the new browser application, and navigate back to